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Matthew Kohut, IPM Day 2022 presenter, shares advice and insights on Communication in Project Management.

Communication in Project Management

With Matthew Kohut
In this exclusive Q&A video interview Matthew Kohut shares his advice and insights on "Communication in Project Management" as he answers these 4 questions.
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scrum team at work
Agile and Scrum

Why Use PRINCE2® Project Management for Managing Multiple Scrum Teams?

By Peter Krischel
In this article, I want to explain the relationship between product management and project management, and why PRINCE2® is the best project management platform to use when you are dealing with managing multiple Scrum teams.
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Continuous Improvement Using SAFe | Ian J. Franks
2022 Volume 1 Number 9

Get Continuous Improvement Using SAFe®

Ian J. Franks shares his insights on the importance of SAFe and why SAFe skills are essential. He discusses how a SAFe transformation might fail and offers solutions, so that we can avoid similar pitfalls. Ian also shares 4 golden ...
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James Webb Space Telescope - Leading Large Complex Global Projects
Project Management

James Webb Space Telescope – Leading Large Complex Global Projects

On behalf of the entire team at International Institute for Learning, we are thrilled to congratulate Gregory Robinson on being named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People for 2022.
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project communication
Project Management

Better Project Communications

By Alan Zucker
Excellent “soft skills” differentiate the great project managers.  Since 90% of a project manager’s time is spent with others, it is no surprise that communications and emotional intelligence are vital traits.
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The Future of Project Management
Project Management

The Future of Project Management

By Dr. Harold Kerzner
For more than fifty years, project management has been in use but perhaps not on a world-wide basis. What differentiated companies in the early years was whether or not they used project management, not ...
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