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4 Agile Don'ts by Ko Ito
2022 Volume 1 Number 12

4 Big Agile Don’ts Learned from TPS

By Ko Ito
While Agile methods can trace significant influences back to Lean Manufacturing, which was inspired by the Toyota Production System (TPS), Taiichi Ohno, the father of TPS, says, "Don't be agile," in his book, "Toyota Production System: Beyond ...
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IIL | Better Business Cases - 5 Case Model | Q&A
2022 Volume 1 Number 12

The Importance of the Better Business Cases™ System and the Five Case Model: Do’s, Don’ts, and Insights

With Richard Pharro
In this exclusive Zoom Q&A, Richard Pharro explains the importance of the Better Business Cases system and the Five Case Model. He shares insights into do's, don'ts, and ways you can avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.
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Risk Management Myths and Misconceptions Demystified: Insights and Tips for Project Managers
Project Management

Risk Management Myths and Misconceptions Demystified: Insights and Tips for Project Managers

Exclusive Q&A with Ruchi Gupta on Risk Management
What is risk management? What are some common myths or misconceptions that new and aspiring project managers should know about, and can Ruchi Gupta demystify them for us?
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organizational leaders

What Organizational Leaders Can Learn from Project Management

By Susanne Madsen
Change is happening in all corners of a business, and people need to be equipped to lead projects irrespective of their role, industry, or level of seniority.
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What's Your Story
Career Tips

Leveraging the Art of Storytelling to Build Your Project Management Resume

By Natalie Berkiw-Scenna, PMP
Project management is one of the most exciting careers. It's an expanding field of expertise across every industry, and it presents us with limitless opportunities. But how do we compete in an ever-growing, competitive space?
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The Smart Mission
Project Management

Collaborative Learning in Project Management

In this exclusive Q&A video interview, Laurence Prusak shares his insights on "Collaborative Learning in Project Management" as he answers these four questions.
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