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Dear Readers, Welcome to the first issue of Thought Leadership News, presented by IIL.

This weekly newsletter is for individuals, teams, and organizations. Continue to build upon your competitive edge through life long learning, professional development, and community in a business world and era of profound and accelerating constant change and disruption.

Get ideas, techniques, and solutions, as each edition highlights educational and informative articles, insider tips, and insightful interviews with thought leaders and influencers, changemakers, and pathfinders.

This issue's focus is agile with engaging articles written by David Daly, Larkland A. Brown, and Nathalie Brochstein. We've also included important webinars and virtual events that would interest you and your teams.

Enjoy this issue!
3 Best AGILE Reads of the Week Worth Sharing
Does Agile Really Make You Faster?
If you ask an executive why they want to adopt an agile approach, the chances are they will say they want to deliver things faster…
Mastering the (new) Agile Coaching Mindset for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)
The challenge with 4IR is identifying and mastering tomorrow’s skills today…
Three Principles for Management in an Agile World
Today, the role of the manager is being replaced by that of the agile leader…
A PMO for Agile Projects | Not an Oxymoron!
With Rubin Jen
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Wednesday, June 15, 2022
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A PMO for Agile Projects  | Not an Oxymoron

"Agile projects need to report to the PMO" – how does this statement make you feel? Anxious? Frustrated? Anticipating a fight? There’s likely to be resistance. The reality is, all projects, even Agile ones, should have supports to be successful. But at the same time, PMOs can’t remain the same and expect Agilists to just comply; PMOs also need to change and adapt.
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