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The Grateful Agile Leader, By Susan Parente

The Grateful Agile Leader

By Susan Parente
We know that servant leadership is an excellent match for Agile methods. For example, in Scrum, the Scrum Master is a servant leader of the Scrum Team. What other leadership styles have a home in the Agile approach?

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Agile in Education

By Michael Vizdos
21st Century Learning. Today. Do you remember what it was like going to school (years or even decades ago)? Close your eyes for a moment and think about the things that made it a horrible experience. Next, close your eyes for a moment and consider the things that made it an incredible experience.

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4 Agile Don'ts by Ko Ito

4 Big Agile Don’ts Learned from TPS

By Ko Ito
While Agile methods can trace significant influences back to Lean Manufacturing, which was inspired by the Toyota Production System (TPS), Taiichi Ohno, the father of TPS, says, “Don’t be agile,” in his book, “Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production”.

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Continuous Improvement Using SAFe | Ian J. Franks

Get Continuous Improvement Using SAFe®

Ian J. Franks shares his insights on the importance of SAFe and why SAFe skills are essential. He discusses how a SAFe transformation might fail and offers solutions, so that we can avoid similar pitfalls. Ian also shares 4 golden pearls of wisdom garnered from his experiences and 39-year career.

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