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Passing the Grateful Leadership Torch!

Passing the Grateful Leadership Torch!

For many years, whenever Judith W. Umlas, Grateful Leadership and The Power of Acknowledgment Author and Trainer has led courses and keynote sessions at companies around the world, she has often been approached by very enthusiastic participants who want to become certified to lead this transformational, high-impact initiative in their companies.

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A Stirring Story

By Judith W. Umlas
A while back I led a virtual course in Grateful Leadership and The Power of Acknowledgment. One of the participants approached me by email afterward, telling me how valuable she had found the course to be for her, for her team and her organization.

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Business Analyst Job Description - infographic

Business Analysis Job Spheres

By Robin from thebusinessanalystjobdescription.com
In a nutshell, a business analyst has to efficiently juggle between multiple activities and refine his analysis skills simultaneously.

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