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2022 Volume 1 Number 27

Simple Rules for High-Performing Agile Teams

By Alan Zucker
Servant leadership and self-organizing teams are foundational Agile characteristics. However, defining these principles is like explaining gravity to a child—clear, tangible descriptions are elusive. 

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2022 Volume 1 Number 26

Avoiding Mistakes: The Great Challenge

By Dr. Luigi Morsa
One of the greatest sources of “headache” for a project leader, a project manager or, in an Agile environment, a Squad Leader, is to discover that some mistakes have been made.

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2022 Volume 1 Number 25

The Growth of Value-Driven Project Management

By Dr. Harold Kerzner
Over the years, there have been changes in project management practices, some quick and some slow. Why was recognition of the global need for value-driven project management slow in acceptance?

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2022 Volume 1 Number 25

Sustaining Agility Beyond Crises

By Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk, and Steve Berez
By continuing to do Agile in more systematic and sustainable ways, companies can not only weather the latest economic storm, but prepare for and thrive in a world of ongoing, unpredictable and accelerating change.

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