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Disciplined Agile & SAFe, by Alan Zucker
Thought Leadership

Disciplined Agile & SAFe

By Alan Zucker
Disciplined Agile® (DA) and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) are two popular, second-generation agile methodologies. They build on lean-agile thinking, and standard Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps practices.

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The Scrum Master Is a Lot Like a Doctor, by V. Lee Henson
Thought Leadership

The Scrum Master Is a Lot Like a Doctor…

By V. Lee Henson
Whether you realize it or not, the key to being a great ScrumMaster is learning to be as much like a doctor as possible! This may seem strange at first, but I assure you that this principle is true.

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A project manager at a team meeting utilizing agile methodologies
Thought Leadership

The Agile Project Manager

By Rubin Jen
It used to be “Scope, Time and Cost”.  The new words are “Outcomes, Value and Change”.  For many of us, project management has just gone through a major paradigm shift.

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