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deep purpose
IIL Thought Leadership News

“Purpose” Needs to Be More Than Just Words

By Ranjay Gulati
In this thought provoking exclusive article, Ranjay Gulati defines different kinds of ‘purpose’ including directional purpose, relational purpose, reputational purpose, and motivational purpose.

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Connecting with Business Communities | Nicole Friedberg on "Lean Six Sigma" and the Importance of Lean Six Sigma Skills
IIL Thought Leadership News

“Lean Six Sigma” and the Importance of Lean Six Sigma Skills

In this exclusive interview, Thought Leadership News chats with Nicole Friedberg, MBA, MBB, PMP, Master Black Belt, Project Manager, and Instructor at University of Michigan. Nicole shares her insights on Lean Six Sigma and the importance of Lean Six Sigma skills for individuals and teams.

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Busy, But Not Productive | Productive, Productivity, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Agile
IIL Thought Leadership News

Busy, But Not Productive

By Alan Zucker
Everyone tells me they are busy. They are on video or conference calls from morning until evening.  On average, people receive over 100 emails per day and send at least 40. A common complaint is, “I spend my entire day meeting and doing email; and have no time for my ‘real’ work.”

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