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PMO Value | Project Management Office
2022 Volume 1 Number 14

PMO Value

By Rubin Jen
In a recent ProjectManagement.com article, a well-known industry practitioner posed the statement:
“PMOs struggle to deliver value and are often not clear about what that value should be. They are frequently started…

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Program Managers, Next Generation
2022 Volume 1 Number 13

Program Managers: The Next Gen Business Strategists

By Dr. Al Zeitoun
A program is generally defined as a grouping of projects that can be managed consecutively or concurrently; or a combination of both. Most programs, because of their strategic nature and impact on the success of the organization, are much longer in duration and are susceptible to more challenges, risks, and a possible negative impact on the business.

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Agile & Scrum 2022 Featured Speaker | Bonsy Yelsangi
Featured Speakers

Agile & Scrum 2022 Featured Speaker | Bonsy Yelsangi

Bonsy Yelsangi from Attain Agility is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) & Author who will lead the Agile & Scrum 2022 presentation entitled, “Sprint Your Way to Scrum.” Having trained thousands of professionals, Bonsy realized that most people in the world using Scrum have the same 50 questions to which they’re seeking answers.

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