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Agile & Scrum 2022 Featured Speaker | Bonsy Yelsangi

Agile & Scrum 2022 Featured Speaker | Bonsy Yelsangi

Bonsy Yelsangi from Attain Agility is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) & Author who will lead the Agile & Scrum 2022 presentation entitled, “Sprint Your Way to Scrum.” Having trained thousands of professionals, Bonsy realized that most people in the world using Scrum have the same 50 questions to which they’re seeking answers. As a teacher at heart, Bonsy wants to share the knowledge she’s accumulated over many years of working with Scrum teams across a variety of industries and help provide insights in these common questions.

This talk will make it easier to bridge the gap between “Knowing About Scrum” and “Mastering Scrum”. Through expert advice and practical examples, it provides ways to educate and answer the questions your team always seems to have about Scrum, allowing you to build strength and infuse discipline in your team.

Key takeaways will include expert advice on the practical application of Scrum. Explore ways to explain/teach Scrum elements in a very easy and effective way to peers. Understand the usual problems teams face when implementing Scrum. Debunk day-to-day myths about Scrum. Identify the gap between Knowing About Scrum and Mastering Scrum.

Bonsy Yelsangi is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) who is known for her engaging style of training. She has more than 17 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients including aerospace, federally funded centers, defense contractors, media, remote managed services, luxury real estate, aviation, automotive, hospitals, community college and private wealth management. Bonsy is devoted to creating energized and excited teams that delight their customers and inspire others. She provides Agile-focused training and coaching to companies ranging from late-stage startups to large corporations.

Bonsy has recently published and co-authored her book “Sprint Your Way to Scrum” which provides practical, succinct, and effective answers to 50 of the most common questions about Scrum.

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