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Yuen Yen Tsai

Consultant and Trainer, International Institute for Learning

Design Thinking Trainer and Facilitator. Trains and teaches topics in Design Thinking as School/Stanford model to Emphasize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test; converging and diverging mindsets; various tools and building diverse design teams.

She is the author of several publications, such as Serious Gaming, BinnenBerijk, 2015.  She has contributed to various publications as Essay ’Playful public administration, about the application of gamification in public administration ’Interview by NSOB (Dutch School for Public Administration), 2015, or Research ‘Gaming and gamification for judicial institutions’ Member of the Supervisory Committee WODC (Research and Documentation Centre, Ministry of Justice and Security), 2015 among others.

Yuen Yen Tsai

Authored Articles

I Can’t Draw

By Yuen Yen Tsai
A statement I often hear in the design thinking trainings that I give to participants from all over the world is this negative statement, “I can’t draw.” In this article I want to share why you hear these words, how to deal with them, and what  deeper meanings you can find in the sentence ‘I Can’t …’

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