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What is Project Management?
Project Management

What is Project Management?

By J. LeRoy Ward
Projects have been around for thousands of years. Ever see a picture of the Pyramids of Giza? That’s a project. How about the Great Wall of China? Yup, another project. What about the International Space Station? You guessed it…another project.

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What is an Agile Product Roadmap?
Agile and Scrum

Effectively Using Product Roadmaps for Agile

By Betsy Kauffman
What is an Agile Product Roadmap? A product roadmap is essentially an action plan for how a product will evolve to completion. Product roadmaps can be incredibly useful to outline your product functionality and showcase a timeline for when new features will be implemented.

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Managing Virtual Teams Successfully

Managing Virtual Teams Successfully

By Dr. Willis H. Thomas, PMP, CPT
Virtual teams are becoming more of the norm for organizations as they strive to acquire the best talent from anywhere in the world, minimize overhead everywhere on the earth and stretch their global presence on a worldwide basis.

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The Agile Transformation Challenge All Organizations Face
Agile and Scrum

The Agile Transformation Challenge All Organizations Face

By Erik Krisko
In my session “From Freight Train to Airplane: The Automotive Transformation”, I discuss Enterprise Transformation efforts taking place to prepare one of the World’s largest automakers for the ‘Consumer of Tomorrow’, and the challenges in doing so.

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