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Rick Lemieux

Rick is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer for the DVMS Institute and itSM Solutions. The DVMS Institute’s mission is to provide organizations of any size, scale, and complexity with an affordable, pragmatic, and scalable approach to facilitating secure, resilient, and auditable digital outcomes. Its vision is to deliver accredited publications and training programs that teach organizations HOW to build an auditable overlay model that facilitates the digital risk, resiliency, and privacy outcomes government regulators expect.

Rick has 40+ years of passion and experience creating and delivering solutions designed to deliver the digital outcomes expected by executive management, government regulators, and operational stakeholders. In 2015, Rick was identified as one of the top five IT Entrepreneurs in the State of Rhode Island by the TECH 10 awards for developing innovative training and mentoring solutions for boards, senior executives, and operational stakeholders.

Rick Lemieux

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