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Kerri Acheson

Kerri Acheson, Ph.D., is a voice actor with Utter Voiceovers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was a marketing professor at major universities, such as Northwestern University, the Peter F. Drucker Center for Executive Management, and more. She holds a Ph.D. in Marketing & Corporate Communications from the University of Southern California. After consulting and training for many years, she became a voice actor. Her e-Learning voiceover programs have been heard all over the world. She has written four articles recently for training managers on script writing, voiceover narration and this one on AI Voices vs Voice Actors. She also does script writing for voiceover programs of any type: e-Learning, commercials, and corporate narration.

www.uttervoiceovers.com  kerri@uttervoiceovers.com

Kerri Acheson

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