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Colleagues showing appreciation for each other's work

What is Acknowledgment?

By By Stephen White and Dr. Diane Hamilton
September 14, 2022

For many of us, September is a month of new beginnings. It’s also a time to take stock of where we are and what we plan for the fourth quarter. But how will we fill that most critical “in between” time? Reading the game changing articles in this newsletter will be a most valuable investment of your time, energy and focus toward success in all aspects of your personal and professional lives.

  • Read people’s “Best Excuses” for not delivering acknowledgments and appreciation in
  • Must negotiation skills “come naturally” or can they be learned and then successfully employed? Read Susan Croft’s excellent article on  4 Tips for an Effective Negotiation and the “5-Step Negotiating Approach” that will get you what you want and need.
  • And must all meetings be like those portrayed by John Cleese in “Meetings, Bloody Meetings”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE7jfQt2ic4* (see highlighted note below) Or is there hope for meetings after all, as described so effectively by Natalie Berkiw-Scenna, PMP in 7 Key Behaviors for Facilitating Productive Project Meetings.

So it’s a time when we take stock of what we’ve done, focus on the in-between time, and prepare for what’s to come.  Let’s get started!

IPM Day 2022 Speakers:

Kaizen for the Brain

Stephen White
Chief Operating Officer
Center for Brain Health
University of Texas at Dallas

Learn about how to use the principles of “Kaizen”, literally meaning “good change” to improve our brain health, not just such mundane processes like manufacturing or workflow.

The Power of Perception: The Key to Communicate Effectively in a Globally Diverse World

Dr. Diane Hamilton
Founder and CEO

Dr. Diane Hamilton’s ground-breaking research determined the four factors that impact the perception process. Learn how to improve communication, and be more engaged, productive, and innovative at work.

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