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Trending Topics at This Year’s Leadership and Innovation Online Conference

By Lori Milhaven, Ashley Jorgensen, and Rena Akroush
February 28, 2024

Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience packed with vibrant speakers and innovative ideas.  This isn’t just another online conference; it’s an energizing expedition into the forefront of leadership and innovation across all levels.

At this year’s Leadership and Innovation Online Conference, expert speakers will inspire you, empower your journey, and propel you forward, promising to revolutionize your thinking and reignite your imagination. With thematic focuses on artificial intelligence, sustainability, and cybersecurity, this online event promises to be a truly transformative experience for professionals across a broad spectrum of industries. Join thousands of your peers from around the globe and gather the tools you’ll need to face the challenges presented by our ever-changing business landscape together!

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, automation, and innovation. At LeadCon2024, attendees will gain valuable insight into the latest trends and tools available in the world of generative AI, as well as effective strategies for their implementation into current business practices. Learn how to harness the power of AI to drive innovation, optimize processes, and unlock new possibilities for growth.

Effective leadership strategies are essential when guiding teams through times of volatility and uncertainty. Attendees at LeadCon2024 will gain actionable insights from expert strategists and leaders on best practices in crisis management, emotional intelligence, and servant leadership.

As the need for digital transformation rapidly accelerates, so does the need to combat the risks associated with cybersecurity threats. LeadCon2024 will provide leaders at every level of the organization with the knowledge and tools needed to protect their organizations and mitigate risk with resilient security frameworks.

Building diverse and inclusive workplaces is a priority for organizations committed to success. Studies reveal that diverse teams consistently outperform others in their field, proving that these initiatives improve organizations on a cultural and financial level. LeadCon2024 aims to empower leaders with dynamic tools and techniques to foster inclusive work environments for improved performance, innovation, and growth.

With environmental concerns at the forefront of many of our minds, businesses are increasingly focused on sustainability initiatives and corporate responsibility. LeadCon2024 will explore innovative strategies and best practices for integrating sustainability into business operations, supply chains, and corporate culture. From renewable energy solutions to circular economy principles, you will discover actionable ways to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future for both you and generations to come.

With a diverse range of speakers and thought-provoking discussions, you can expect to gain valuable insights and inspiration to drive success in your organization. We invite professionals from across the globe to join us on this transformative journey at our Leadership and Innovation Online Conference. Together, we can explore the potential of AI, champion sustainability, fortify our defenses against cyber threats, and so much more, paving the way for a better now, and a brighter future.

Visit our event page to learn more and reserve your spot today! Together, let’s lead the way to a more sustainable, secure, and innovative future. #LeadCon2024

Lori Milhaven

Lori Milhaven is IIL’s Executive Vice President, Strategic Programs in Executive Management Team. I am honored to have been with IIL for over 30 years and make it my mission to focus on continuous improvement, client driven success and to go above and beyond to meet your expectations. See how we can best support you, your team, or organization. Contact me at Lori.Milhaven@iil.com or visit www.iil.com
Lori Milhaven

Ashley Jorgensen

Ashley Jorgensen is the Virtual Conference Team Lead at the International Institute for Learning. Ashley received her BA in Theater from George Mason University. She is a dedicated team player passionate about education, DEI, sustainability, and the arts.
Ashley Jorgensen

Rena Akroush

Rena Akroush is IIL’s Social Media Manager, Newsletter Editor, Marketing Relations Specialist, and Content Writer. She is a strategic thinker shaping ideas into persuasive and engaging content in the evolving landscape of digital marketing.
Rena Akroush

Disclaimer: The ideas, views, and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of International Institute for Learning or any entities they represent.

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