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The Top 6 Business Applications for Boosting Productivity

The Top 6 Business Applications for Boosting Productivity

by Rosemary Brown

Small businesses form the life source of economies like that of the UK. This can be observed from the fact that despite the deteriorating economic conditions prevailing there, small businesses continue to fuel the economy’s recovery. This isn’t just true for the United Kingdom; in fact, this is a universal fact about small businesses. It’s probably because these small ventures best understand the significance of efficiency, in the pursuit of increasing their productivity and creating value in the most innovative of ways.

In order to achieve, businesses make use of a variety of techniques, the most effective, and common among these is the use of business applications, which are featured on computers and on mobile devices, in order to increase productivity. One of the most recent researches by EE points out that almost 22% of small businesses provide business applications to their employees in order to facilitate their work. In is believed by almost 37% of small business employees that they could increase their productivity significantly, if they receive applications which were customized to the needs of their job.

Listed below are some of the software and applications which can be used by businesses to boost their productivity:

  1. Sage One Accounts and Payroll

These are very simple and clear services for payroll and recognized by the HMRC. It is used to manage finances, payrolls, process VAT, and create invoices. The payroll is an online service which is RTI ready. Each of the services are designed and customized to the specific needs of small businesses, so that they can manage their financial process more effectively.

  1. MozyPro

This is an online service, which is solely for the purpose of maintaining a backup of business data. It is operated by syncing important business files across tablets, smart phones and computers in order to aid small businesses in storing data which is up to 20GB in size and can go to 1TB in space. It is cloud services which facilitates the business by saving its time, costs, and the frustration which the day to day operation causes. This gives the business room to grow.

  1. Microsoft Office 365

The application of Microsoft Office 365 gives access to applications like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and that too using the cloud service, which in turn benefits businesses by providing access to these facilities from almost any place or any device. This allows the members of the staff to better utilize their time as it helps them in working best by allowing them to work virtually anywhere and on any device. This enables staff members to put their time to the best possible use by working on important documents from home or while they are on their way to office. It also enables them to instantly share their work with colleagues and other contacts.

  1. Receipt Bank

This application is useful because it collects various receipts and invoices, from the user’s Smartphone or the tablet directly, while the document is being scanned. This is useful because it helps in reducing the extra work and burden that is caused by the receipts, bills, and invoices, particularly on the small businesses.

  1. Legal Manager

This application is important to handle all the legal matters of the business. The Legal Manager serves to provide the user with documents complying with legal requirements. For instance, it helps in providing documents like sales agreements, terms, and conditions for websites, and property contracts. All this is provided at only a fraction of the cost which might be charged by a law firm.

  1. Moonfruit

If a business requires a website or is in need to create a webshop then Moonfruit comes in handy. It also serves as an editor which aids small businesses by developing brands, while avoiding the complexity of having to understand complicated computer codes. Furthermore, Moonfruit can also be used to optimize sites for mobile devices, tablets, and web.

7. ProProfs Knowledge Base Software

ProProfs Knowledge Base is a knowledge management software used to create highly-searchable online FAQ’s to improve customer service and reduce tickets. ProProfs helps centralize access to all your files, documents and how-to articles ensuring they can be accessed across multiple devices and platforms. Organizations can easily share important information to train their sales, customer service and support teams. It is also an effective method for introducing new hires to company procedures during the onboarding process. ProProfs Knowledge Base improves productivity by making it easy for employees and customers to instantly find what they’re looking for, whenever and wherever they need it. ProProfs Knowledge Base Software eliminates the need to answer the same questions over and over again.

Rosemary Brown is a business and market researcher with over 20 years of experience. She has been extensively involved in exploring the impact of technological innovations on business organizations, enterprise culture and organizational processes. Currently, Rose is conducting a series of experiments to study the impact of web-based help desk tools like ProProfs Knowledge Base Software on customer retention & acquisition. Rose has a Masters Degree in Marketing Management and Strategy.

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