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An Awesome Example of a Team Acknowledgment… and a “Behind the Scenes” Look at IPM Day!

An Awesome Example of a Team Acknowledgment… and a “Behind the Scenes” Look at IPM Day!

By Judith W. Umlas | Author, Trainer, and Senior Vice President, IIL I want to acknowledge my inspired and inspiring, inventive and creative colleague, Lori Milhaven, Executive VP Marketing, for one of the best examples of acknowledging a team I have ever seen (except when she does this every year following IIL’s International Project Management Day – a contribution we on the team have come to expect, and look forward to). We can all be inspired by her example! So with her permission, and my “seconding” of her acknowledgments of every member of our awesome team, I share her Team Acknowledgment with all of you:

ODE to IPMDAY 2015

By Lori Milhaven We have never been so nervous and were hoping for the best. We needed beyond amazing service as we continued to test and test. The event went live the night before as we watched and waited for any news. Each hour that passed we knew the score YEAH! No need to sing the blues. A team is needed to make it through and together we achieved great success. I need this time to call out a few as focused they stayed under tremendous stress. IIL Media the speaker videos were great the best so far from any year. Clients loved them and could not wait to tell the world and give a cheer. A social dynamo was on our hands tweeting, liking, and posting nonstop. Richard/Samantha we are forever your fans your efforts really made us pop. ShaunMara managed more than you know her overall skills did us very proud. Nolan/Kaylin each a seasoned pro by design and pen they brought the crowd. Judy worked on tasks non-stop up to the very last minute she could. This year she really came out on top like we always knew she would. Kate and Roy super job this year you came through big and made it work. IT supported us without any fear and helped us all that were going berserk. Joyce and Katherine what can we say we are so grateful for your support. I know the craziness that was your day and you never once came up short. Olga joined and was on the run she learned quick and managed her team. Bekah/Sarah/Barry got the jobs done each day planning a new scheme. Presenters we honor you for making the time to put out your message and forever guide. Around the world your words will chime to make positive change far and wide. Sales teams we have to say job well done your successes and stories on daily alert. Our hope is new clients are easily won by your skill and will to quickly convert. Please know I personally thank you all and for your time on this you spent. Working as one we will never fall and will always be ready to represent. LaVerne’s message was to do our part and help make a difference where we can. Her passion for world change she did impart so I invite you to think of your personal plan. We are thinking of next year as we close bigger, better, bolder are words that we say. No rest for the weary as everyone knows but please I need just one more day :) A sincere thanks to EVERYONE that supported, promoted, managed or played any role in our success achieved with IPMDAY 2015: Ensuring a Sustainable Future. And by the way, the viewer access period goes on until February 3rd, so if you haven’t yet registered, it isn’t too late. You will LOVE it! Registering also gives you free access to IIL’s six hour On Demand course on Grateful Leadership, along with two other courses. You can register here.
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