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PMI Metrolina’s Professional Development Day 2022 – IGNITE!

Friday, September 23, 2022, 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM EST

PDD 2022 Ignite your future with new skills, add to your professional network, and develop as a leader. Earn up to 10 PDU’s. Together we will ignite your career path toward greatness.

PMI has become and continues to be the leading professional association in project management. The goal of the Metrolina chapter is to advance the mission and objectives of the Project Management Institute.

Our chapter programs feature recognized sought-after industry leaders and topics that are applicable to project management practitioners from all sectors. Our workshops have been recognized nationally for their accomplishments and educational level of excellence. We invite you to participate actively and enjoy the full benefit of membership!

*** Active or Retired Military please reach out to VPProfDevelopment@PMI-Metrolina.org for information on discounted prices.



Dr. Joe Perez

Facilitating Innovation in a Post COVID-19 World 

Has COVID-19 made you see the need to adopt a more agile way of thinking? Where is your leadership strategy now? Where do you want it to be as the industry recovers from this worldwide crisis? Do you intend to get it there by using the same methods that haven’t worked? It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Is that how you want your legacy to be remembered? Do you project an image of being part of the problem or part of the solution? Find out how to be a catalyst for change (facilitating innovation) and NOT an antagonist (frustrating innovation). Discover three types of flexibility in leadership and work/life balance needed to make that happen in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Tony Johnson

Estimating and Applying Points with Agile – How to apply, and when is it done?
Scope = Time = Money = Points? As early as most of us can recall, we estimate the size/magnitude/amount of effort to do something in time. Adaptive development frameworks commonly use points for estimating size based on complexity, not duration or hours. In this presentation you will learn the following: How points can translate into complexity; Relative sizing; T-shirt estimating; Translating points into hours/dollars and When is it “Done”.

Kim Marcelliano

Risk and PMI’s Risk Management Professional (RMP) Certification
Do you ever feel like you and/or your organization is constantly fighting fires and continually having to rework projects? Did you know one of the biggest causes of project delays and failures is improper risk management? In this session, learn why understanding and practicing proper risk management is important for everyone, from project manager to functional manager and CEO. Learn how PMI offers valuable resources to learn the principles of risk management, and how gaining the ISO accredited PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) certification can help you save your projects, save your company time and money, and elevate your career.

Kyle Morton

The Science of Focus: Unleashing the power of focused teams
Changes in priority, call for some quick help, Chat asking a timely question – so many different voices calling for our attention it makes it hard to get work done. In our modern environments, we become busy as can be, but sometimes not accomplishing things that are important. In this session we will look at some of the research from Industrial and Organization Psychology that offers useful input into how we are able to focus and what situations are not conducive to focus. We will then spend time in groups discussing and evaluating approaches to help increase the quality focus of our agile teams.

John Stenbeck

Overcoming Executive Inaction – Using The Cost Of Decision Latency To Reverse Analysis Paralysis

According to the highly respected CHAOS Report, released every two years by the Standish Group, delays between questions and answers drive huge, negative impacts into project outcomes. It is counter-intuitive but the value of a shorter decisionmaking time-interval is greater than the value of a higher-quality decision. In Lean, and therefore Agile, this is recognized by the pairing of two concepts – Deferred Commitments and Last Responsible Moment. Every PM knows methods and tools alone – even great ones. like Lean, Project Management and Agile – cannot reduce project costs unless senior decision-makers make timely decisions and take action. During this reality-based, technically-sophisticated presentation you will learn how to quantify the cost of decision-making delays and gain insights to demonstrate the steps your leaders must take to avoid the trap that Peter DruckYou will see how to show Leaders that their strategy is being eaten by slow decisions that disrupt schedules, drive cost overruns and produce disastrous outcomeser expressed as, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”. You will see how to show Leaders that their strategy is being eaten by slow decisions that disrupt schedules, drive cost overruns and produce disastrous outcomes.

Steven McGee

How to Get Your Users to Love Your Systems: Merging the Best of Agile Development with Product Management
Digital systems are built and deployed according to tech specs but are still flawed. The tech specs are what the customer may have asked for in the recent or distant past but is not what they need NOW. Often, we have a disconnect between strategy and execution. This ineffective disconnect is highlighted when innovation, change and risk are present. Linking product strategy to roadmap to product backlog to development is creating a lot of success for our Agile development work.

Ebony Burroughs

The Cost of Perfectionism
“A closed mind is a poor prerequisite to creativity.” –Pavel Somov, Ph.D. Having an Agile mindset means allowing flexibility to deliver high value at a regular cadence, even in the midst of uncertainty and complexity. Having too rigid a focus on the original plan of action, can not only reduce innovation, but also breed unnecessary anxiety, tense relationships, and lower productivity.

Vidya Raman

Leadership Begins with You – How to A.M.P. UP Your game at work
Discover a clear roadmap to achieve personal development, enhance relationships/team dynamics, and ultimately attain career success and satisfaction. This session focuses on breaking through limitations and reaching your potential. This program will help project leaders cultivate a positive mindset, develop fresh perspectives, reimagine possibilities, and ensure career growth and success. Vidya’s S.H.I.F.T. approach includes phases that mimic a typical iterative project life cycle. The execution phase of Project YOU will highlight: looking for opportunities to be proactive at work, focusing on skills that increase your significance and contribution at work and finding your ‘Why’ to ensure you wake up excited every day to tackle the day.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

How to Refresh, Refocus and Reignite – Navigating toward Success
This interactive session will remind participants about the power of self-talk and how re-centering yourself can allow you the time and space to recharge. We have all been through some challenging times over the past few years, but we are now at a point where we have to recharge our thinking, our speaking and most of all our levels of operation. Dr. Kimberly Johnson will remind you why you can’t throw in the towel and how you can step up and re-ignite your energy and passion. This recharge will help you navigate both your personal and professional lives in a more realistic and achievable manner. Come ready to listen, to laugh and to LIVE!!
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