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Mark Cruth – Modern Work Evangelist, Atlassian

Mark Cruth, Modern Work Evangelist Atlassian
IPM Day 2022 Presentation: Building Healthy Teams One Story at a Time

Here’s a fact…only 17% of teams are healthy and the root cause has everything to do with how we communicate with them. Healthy teams know who they are and why they exist, and it is leadership’s role to help build this understanding. The reality is most teams struggle to answer questions like…

  • Why is our work important?
  • Who are we helping?
  • What’s the impact we’re making?

What if you could connect these dots and cement a shared understanding using a simple story? Let’s talk about the power of storytelling and the massive impact it has on team health. You’ll learn the necessary techniques to not just communicate better with your teams but motivate and inspire them to own their purpose!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why aligning team purpose is closely tied to team health
  • Learn why stories are a fundamental part of the way we communicate as humans (including the science of storytelling)
  • Practice and refine your storytelling skills in a safe environment so that you are ready to invoke change when you return to your teams

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