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IPM Day 2024: 20 Years of Recognizing Project Managers for their Outstanding Contributions to the World

By E. LaVerne Johnson
Founder, President, and CEO
July 10, 2024

A look back at the history, impact, and evolution of International Project Management Day, and what lies ahead for the profession.

What is IPM Day and Why It Matters

The International Project Management Day (IPM Day) is our way of giving back.  We set aside the first Thursday in November each year to recognize the great work that project managers do every day all over the world.

The concept was first shared with me in 2004 by Frank Saladis, PMP.  He wanted there to be a day every year that we recognize the work that all project managers do in creating the success of organizations and society.   I agreed and our annual IPM Day online conference was launched.

Since then, IPM Day has grown into a global movement, with thousands of events, webinars, awards, and publications dedicated to promoting the value and importance of project management. IPM Day is not only a day of recognition, but also a day of learning, networking, and innovation for project managers, teams, and executives around the globe.

How IPM Day Has Evolved Over the Years

IPM Day has seen the amazing development and change of the project management profession. It has gone from being a specialized field, to a critical skill that is needed in all organizations in all industries, and at all levels.  We have been privileged to present Dr. Harold Kerzner and his relevant and insightful future trends of Project Management every year as well as those of many other experts in the field. IPM Day has also grown in terms of its audience and impact, with over 50,000 online attendees from more than 100 countries joining in to learn, network, and recognize our project managers.

What Does IPM Day 2024 Have in Store for Project Managers and Teams?

IPM Day has been going and growing strong for 20 years, and project managers, corporate executives, and their teams have a lot to be proud of. They have shown passion, innovation, and resilience in dealing with the huge challenges of the pandemic and the recession in recent years.

According to participants, IIL’s IPM Day online events have continuously helped them with valuable advice and necessary actions. IPM Day 2024 will show dramatically and profoundly how project managers make a positive difference for work, society, and the planet. It will also share the latest findings, practices, and insights from project management’s leading experts and corporate executives.

How Can IPM Day 2024 Impact Executives and Business Needs?

Executives have leveraged IPM Day for years to gain a strategic advantage. How? By gaining a deeper understanding in critical areas and future trends on:

  • evaluating and selecting the most promising innovations for their business.
  • proactive strategies to identify and mitigate project risks.
  • emerging technologies and their potential impacts.
  • project efficiency, newest practices, and improved deliverability for the business.

How to Join IPM Day 2024

If you are a project manager, project team member, corporate executive or someone who is simply interested in project management, you are invited to register for our IPM Day 2024 online conference.  You will enjoy a wide variety of learning sessions, keynote speakers, and lots of networking opportunities.

We encourage you to organize or attend a local IPM Day event in your area or join the online discussions and activities on social media using the hashtag #IPMDay2024. You can also share your project management stories, experiences, and learnings with your colleagues, friends, and family, and inspire them to join the project management profession. IPM Day 2024 is a day to recognize and applaud your passion for project management, and to connect with the global project management community.

Discover why leading organizations are embracing IPM Day 2024 as the must-attend online conference of the year!

In addition to individual registrations, our Unlimited License for corporations and organizations brings learning and growth opportunities to every member of your project and agile teams at an amazing price. Let’s empower everyone to thrive, evolve, and chart a successful path forward – together.

  • Empower your teams:Gain valuable insights from inspiring speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders.
  • Boost productivity:Discover practical takeaways and best practices to optimize project success.
  • Maximize efficiency:Network with fellow professionals and spark innovation – all from the comfort of your office or home.

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Disclaimer: The ideas, views, and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of International Institute for Learning or any entities they represent

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