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Welcome To IIL Media’s New Blog, “The Buzz”

Welcome To IIL Media’s New Blog “The Buzz”

Hello Everyone,

My name is Luke Vermandel, Production Assistant (PA) for the International Institute For Learning. I reside in New York, born and raised where I’ve lived, aside from the four years I spent at the University of Connecticut.  As a PA, I spend most of my time assisting our producers in various manners, and oblige in any way I can to ensure our goal is realized.

Film set

Today we introduce “The Buzz” from IIL Media, which I will be posting every week. Here we’ll pull back the curtain of our new IIL Stream and the other Media projects we are working on.

I’ll post interviews of the crew and talent describing how stories are produced, include excerpts of IIL Stream videos, share what we have planned for the future and much more. So be sure to check in with us every week to see what’s new with IIL Media and IIL Stream.

IIL Stream

IIL Stream

IIL Stream features inspiring, informative and entertaining content from IIL Media, a division of International Institute for Learning. Every episode explores stories, which take you to places where you’ll meet extraordinary people.

Spring will be upon us before we know it; people are already pulling out their bikes in anticipation of good weather, which means the talk of the Tour de France will be on everyone’s mind.

The Tour de France calls to mind an IIL Stream Thumbnail segment with Steve Moran (who lives for the Tour de France), explaining his company, Pente 14, which is located in Paris.

Lean Six Sigma Series

The Lean Six SigmaLean Six Sigma Yellow Belt series has been keeping IIL Media quite busy this month, where we brought in Black Belts Anne Foley and Harry Rever, to film online video courses that will benefit any project manager in furthering themselves in the project management field.

IIL Media has completed its Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt filming with Anne Foley and her online video training course is now available to consumers. In this LSSYB class, Anne explains what it takes to be a successful project manager and how to apply those new found skills to your own management techniques.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with Harry Rever wrapped filming in February. It’s being polished in the editing room and will be posted for viewing within the month. You don’t want to miss this engaging video, as he will keep you entertained, as well as educated with his real life experiences of the project management world.

If you would like to learn more about the Lean Six Sigma Series, feel free to visit: www.iil.com/leansixsigma.

To learn more about IIL Media take a look at our home page and for a closer look at our IIL Stream projects visit our YouTube page.

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