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Hot Topics at IIL’s International Project Management Day!

By Ashley Jorgensen
October 11, 2023

As we venture into our 19th year of hosting International Project Management Day, we are reminded of just how much has changed in the world of project management since its inception. At its core, IPM Day is a celebration. A celebration of the project managers and teams who work painstakingly across a plethora of industries to deliver cutting edge technology and innovations that help us to redefine and grow our world every day.

The world is constantly changing and growing, and project managers around the globe contribute actively to this growth every single day. That is why we’re so excited to be welcoming our incredibly diverse lineup of thought leaders, industry experts, and dynamic speakers to the virtual stage at this year’s International Project Management Day Online Conference to help you embrace, empower, and evolve your project management game.

Here are some key emerging topics that you can expect to see at #IPMDay2023.

  1. Effective Power Skills
    • It can be easy to get lost in the reporting and extensive paperwork associated with complex projects and tasks, but it’s important that the most crucial piece of every project are the people and teams who make it all happen. Ineffective communication or disagreements between team members can happen, and it’s important to have skills in place which can assist you through these hardships. Tune in to Mario Arlt, Ph.D. as he shares practical advice for strengthening your power skills including critical thinking, innovative thinking, and ethical reasoning. Then join Rodolfo De Acutis, Ph.D. and Leon Herszon, Ph.D. as they discuss how to create and sustain a PMO, as well as the role effective power skills play in this process.
  1. Team Building & Leadership
    • Effective leadership is crucial to a team’s functionality and ability to work together. Keynote speaker Harold Kerzner will be discussing the importance of finding your leadership style and keeping your teams engaged. Then continue the journey with Colonel Primitivo Davis and Judy Umlas, as well as Thomas Friend, as they discuss “the missing piece” in current leadership practices as well as how to maximize your team’s performance.
  1. Risk Management
    • In our current world, complex projects are becoming more and more common. Now with more complex projects come higher risks, and it is for this reason that we see an emerging need for flexible risk management. Vincent Marguier knows how critical risk management is to the project life cycle and brings actionable ways to make it an integral part of the project culture and make sure it remains aligned to your project goals. David Hillson will be bringing his insights to using future thinking to best manage high level, complex projects.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence has been a priority consideration for many organizations, both large and small, this year. With many active discussions surrounding both the pros and cons of its usage, there’s no denying its prominent effect on our current world. Make sure you tune into our AI Panel Discussion featuring Elissa Farrow, Tuan Ho, Tameka Vasquez, and Ben Royce as they discuss the impact AI has had on the market and in project management. Then join Eugene Bounds as he dives deeper into the practical implications of AI to the project management community, including organizations, project managers, tools, and practices.
  1. Change & Transformation
    • As mentioned before, project managers and their teams are responsible for a large number of changes and transformations in our world, but how do we manage and adapt to the changes and growth created by and within our projects? Keynote speaker Tiffani Bova will be joining us to discuss how to align your customer and employee experience in ways which can unlock growth for all. Then join Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson as they discuss how to continue managing your project in the case of major organizational changes or restructurings.

Between the topics and speakers highlighted above, as well as the many featured on our website, this year’s International Project Management Day is shaping up to be an event that you truly don’t want to miss. Whether you lead a PMO, are a project manager, work on a project team, or are simply interested in learning how project management skills can help you in your career, we hope that you join us on November 2nd for #IPMDay2023.

International Project Management Day goes live on November 2, 2023. Full streaming access to content will be available through February 5th, 2024. Sign up here today!

Ashley Jorgensen

Ashley Jorgensen is the Virtual Conference Team Lead at the International Institute for Learning. Ashley received her BA in Theater from George Mason University. She is a dedicated team player passionate about education, DEI, sustainability, and the arts.


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Disclaimer: The ideas, views, and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of International Institute for Learning or any entities they represent.

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