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Earth Day is Every Day in Sustainability Practice

Earth Day is Every Day in Sustainability Practice

Every year on April 22, millions of people worldwide come together to celebrate the Earth.  This momentous event began in the United States in 1970, and is now celebrated in over 192 countries.  It is a day that eco-activists and environmentalists use to educate the world on vital and urgent issues affecting our Climate, Ecosystems and Oceans.  Companies and organizations often take this opportunity to highlight work they have done all year toward their environmental goals.  As the world moves toward Sustainability Practice, these strategies become integrated into the overall business models.  Every day millions of professionals achieve breakthroughs in Environmental Leadership, Responsible Design, and Change Management. Every day they better understand the impacts their companies have on the world and their responsibility to the global community.  Every day they create efficient, eco-friendly products, services and manufacturing practices.   So today, on Earth Day, we at IIL celebrate the Sustainability Professionals, CSR Directors, Product Designers, Project Managers, and Executives that, by their hard work, choose to make Earth Day every day.  They choose to Think Sustainably and Act Differently™.

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