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Boost your career with a CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) Certification

Boost your career with a CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) Certification

By IIL’s Learning Solutions Team
June 28, 2023

Project management helps every part of an organization run more efficiently and effectively. Project managers with the right career skill sets can support organizations by improving productivity, building scale, launching new products and services, and elevating customer experiences. And with the growth imperative of organizations today, project work will take on greater challenges and importance.

According to PMI’s most recent (2022) Talent Gap report*, project management skills are in strong demand around the world. As we adapt to new ways of working and prepare for future disruptions, organizations will see a growing need for project management talent across all skill levels.

What Does This Mean for You? 

The CAPM® is ideal for project coordinators, team members, junior project managers, and other professionals who want to learn and implement the fundamental principles of project management. Project management skills are also highly transferable across industries and jobs.

The new CAPM® exam will be released on July 25, 2023, to reflect the changing trends in the project management profession. Be among the first to earn the new CAPM® certification. Let companies know you have the latest knowledge in project management, agile and business analysis!

The new CAPM® curriculum will include project management fundamentals and core concepts.  It will introduce you to predictive plan-based methodologies, such as the Waterfall method which breaks down a project into several phases and tasks that are to be performed sequentially. You will learn about Agile methodologies that break projects down into dynamic phases, commonly known as sprints. You’ll also learn about business analysis frameworks, which are the conceptual blueprints that describe the vital requirements for getting business done.

With a CAPM® certification, you are demonstrating your readiness to support projects at an important entry-level role.

To learn more about the new CAPM Exam, join IIL’s free webinar on The CAPM® Exam is Changing – Learn What’s New!

Disclaimer: The ideas, views, and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of International Institute for Learning or any entities they represent.

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