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A Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence – How To Land Your Next Job!

By Liz Pittoni
April 17, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be adopted in business. As the AI footprint continues to grow, so does the fear of its functionality. If you’re uncertain about applying AI, consider partnering with it to enhance efficiency. Here is one scenario:

Use Case: Job Interview Preparation

Needed Tools/Materials:

  • Resume or CV
  • Job Description
  • STAR methodology
  • chatGPT (or AI tool of your choice)

The Goal

The goal of this exercise is to have the AI help with (1) generating a list of questions you should be prepared to answer, (2) telling you how best to answer these questions using your own experience, and lastly (3) generate a list of questions you should be asking the interviewer about the company, culture, etc.

Here Are the Steps:

1. Update the chatGPT prompt with the following (and feel free to get more creative with the prompts):

  • a. “I am interviewing for the below job”
    • I. Copy and paste the job description
  • b. “Please let me know what questions I should be prepared to answer and how I should answer them using my below resume and using the STAR methodology”
    • I. Copy and paste your resume/CV
The output is approximately 5-10 questions generated from the job description input and how to answer the questions about your professional experiences using your resume. By overlaying the STAR methodology, it keeps the answers clear and concise.

2. Update the chatGPT prompt with the following:

    • a. “Thanks. Based on the above, what questions should I ask during the interview?”

The output is again approximately 5-10 questions which take the response in step 1 and provide concise questions related to the job description for you to ask. From this list I suggest you pick the best question (i.e. which covers the most information about the company, position, hiring manager, culture etc.) since inevitably you will be short on time.

And there you have it! AI proves effective not only for business, but also for individuals! I advised someone recently to use this process, and they not only landed the project management job, but they also changed industries! You too can do the impossible by using AI as your Augmented Intelligence. Good luck!

Liz Pittoni thinks about how to improve the lives of employees in today’s workplace. For more information on how to transform your organization contact her at:


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