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5 Top Reasons to Get Certified in Lean Six Sigma

Top 5 Reasons to get certified in Lean Six Sigma

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In an exclusive interview, we asked Nicole Friedberg, MBA, MBB, PMP, Master Black Belt, Project Manager, and Instructor at University of Michigan these two questions:

“Is getting a Lean Six Sigma certification really important? What would you say are your top reasons for getting a Lean Six Sigma certification?”

Nicole shares her 5 Top Reasons.

  • Understand and meet your internal or external customers’ needs.
  • Improve the internal employee experience and alleviate roadblocks in repetitive processes. This can be very important in a job market where there is high turnover and employee retention is vital.
  • Increase organizational profitability by increasing revenue or by operating more efficiently.
  • Personally expand your skillset with statistical analysis tools.
  • Personally advance your career.

Read the full interview published on IIL’s Thought Leadership News™ online community and network.
Video by: Jody Michelle Solis, Editor of IIL’s Thought Leadership News™

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