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3 Things | Words of Wisdom for Business Students & Professionals

3 Things | Words of Wisdom for Business Students and Professionals

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Lisa Feeley’s professional experience includes a 35+ year career in multiple industries including Finance, Pharma, Human Resources, Marketing, and Engineering. She is also a successful 3-time Entrepreneur. Joining NOVA a year ago as their National Healthcare & Life Sciences Sector Leader, Lisa leads business development nationally.

During our exclusive Q&A for Thought Leadership News™, we asked Lisa:

What three important pieces of advice would you give to both business students and professionals?

Lisa shared these important words of wisdom. Read and share this:

  1. Gain all the skills you can that can bring more value to more people in different environments as that increases your value.
  2. Maintain an open / growth mindset by being willing to learn from others.
  3. Always build your career.

Read the full interview published on IIL’s Thought Leadership News™ online community and network.
Video by: Jody Michelle Solis, Editor of IIL’s Thought Leadership News™

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